Dr. Julie Stass is a visionary in mental health dedicated to bringing healing and health back into the health care system. Dr. Stass has worked for years as a clinical psychologist and equine therapist. She has worked as clinician and clinical director in non-profit and private practice.  Additionally she specialized in working  with children and adults who have experienced trauma.

My Therapist Eats Grass is a site dedicated to an ongoing discussion about the need to transform the American healthcare system from an industry for profit focused on short-term care for single-system issues in the human body to one which promotes health and deep healing.

In addition to her private practice, Dr. Stass writes and speaks about how healers can work authentically to heal their patients and themselves. She offers seminars and one-on-one coaching for healers and those interested in integrating equine therapy into their practice.

This blog contains some of Dr. Stass’ writings, resource lists for connecting to the greater community of healers world-wide, and information for connecting with Dr. Stass.

Be Well!

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